Al Muhandes Labour Supply Services (MLSS) have been assigned to recruit manpower, skilled and semi-skilled to companies in the United Arab Emirates (see enclosedList). Our services cover many fileds including, but restricted to Construction, Engineering, Hotel Catering, Oil and Gas Complexes. We recruit personnel from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, African countries and Arab countries etc., through or associated offices. MLSS is managed by a team of experienced professionals, well versed in selecting suitable candidates are required and described by clients, which ensures complete satisfaction. In the unlikely event of personnel not being medically fit or unsuitable for their designated work within 3 months of appointment MLSS will replace them at no cost to the client.


Managing Director

Having been born and bred in Dubai, Untied Arab Emirates, I was very impressed and excited when I saw the stimulating developments taking place in the infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai in particular.I knew that it was of the utmost importance that all developments taking place should be of the maximum quality in design and workmanship.

I then decided that I should be involved in the advancement of the Emirates. My vision was to be tha founder of a manpower supply company that supplied the right manpower to the right company so ensuring contractors are
proud of and confident in the ability of their personnel to accomplish any activity to which they were assigned.

This dream has come true. I surrounded myself with like-minded executives who are the best in their filed and ensure that all workforces supplies through Al Muhandes Manpower Supply Company of which I am Managing Director, are of the best available.

Mr. Gamal Mohd. Osman

Finance & Administration Manager


Al Muhandes Labour Supply Services is committed to offering manpower of the highest quality to our clients. All enquiries received are immediately, considered and forwarded to our respective associates who are most appropriately place to satisfy.

All candidates accepted are given medical tests prior to mobilization and all necessary legal procedures are undertaken in their country of origin.